Moscow Petrovka 11

The renovated Dior boutique in Stoleshnikov lane has opened its doors on 1st of September 2020. The facade is still decorated with historic arched windows that reflect Moscow architecture, but inside, guests are greeted by an interior in the spirit of the brand’s Parisian boutique on rue Saint-Honoré 261, which opened in July. The project, which combines modern aesthetics and architectural elements of the XVIII century, was implemented under the direction of Denzo.

Now you can get to the boutique from both Stoleshnikov lane and Petrovka, where the wonderful Dior garden is located. The tour of the brand’s new space should start with the prêt-à-porter zones, then move on to the accessory racks, where the full collection of bags is presented, and perfume shelves. To the right of the main entrance is the Dior jewelry and watch salon, which resembles a cozy boudoir of a French woman. The Windows here are a miniature replica of the salon on Avenue Montaigne: decorations are displayed on tiny chairs and sofas.

What is especially interesting, in the boutique you can also get acquainted with the interior line of the brand — Dior Maison. There are sets for 12 people, candles with silver appliances, coffee tables with photo frames and boxes with a Cannage pattern for your personal office or bedroom. Be sure to pay attention to the art objects that adorn the space, there are 15 of them in total. For example, the large-scale panel Abstraction, made of wood by the modern French artist Etienne Moya. 

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Photo by Dmitry Yagovkin.