Services Denzo provides

Denzo provide services for the development of construction documentation and management of construction projects for foreign Customers.

We take responsibility for monitoring compliance with all legal requirements in the field of construction, compliance with the budget and schedule of the project.

We are very sensitive to the Customer’s wishes and one of the main tasks for us is to preserve the Customer’s vision while observing all the restrictions imposed by law.

At the same time, you can be sure that the technical solutions used for engineering systems are reliable and time — tested, because our specialized specialists have more than 10 years of experience in this field.

As part of project management, we monitor the project schedule, budget, delivery and find solutions for all possible situations that require prompt resolution.

For the convenience of the Customer, a dedicated team works on the project, and communication is carried out through a Project Manager who has experience in implementing projects of the same complexity and scale.

Among the completed and ongoing projects during 2019-2021, we can especially highlight:

  •  Two-story Dior boutique in the gallery Vremena Goda
  •  Dior corner in TSUM
  •  Dior’s flagship boutique on Stoleshnikov lane in Moscow
  •  Three-story Dior boutique in the historic GUM building on Red square
  •  Cartier boutique on Stoleshnikov lane in Moscow
  •  Cartier boutique boutique in the gallery Vremena Goda
  •  Chanel boutique in TSUM

Regarding the Dior boutique in GUM, the Customer entrusted us with the execution of works not only at the local architect level, but also at the Executive level.

On this project, we were able to successfully use our knowledge on a different level, confirming our competence and experience in the field of design.

It is very important for us that the construction is eco-friendly and does not cause unnecessary stress on the environment. We have experience working with BREEAM and LEED and are ready to meet requests for certification support for projects and construction projects.

In addition, we can be proud of the fact that climate and lighting monitoring and management systems (BMS) are being implemented at almost all sites, which allows us to reduce utility costs, which ultimately reduces the payback period for the Customer’s investment.

We comply with all requirements in the field of labor and tax legislation and You can be sure that we are reliable partners. This is evidenced by the fact that our company has been accredited by international corporations, including Richemont, LMVH. 

Our company is very sensitive to confidential information and uses a set of measures aimed at preventing even minor leaks of information. A secure data storage server, the use of different levels of access for employees, a special Protocol for dismissal, and a complete ban on working with information on сomputers that do not belong to the company.

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